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  Laser Safety Glasses for Doctors, Dentists, Opthamologists, Surgeons, Cosmeticians, Telecom Engineers & Research
Nd: YAG Lasers IR & Alexandrite Lasers Green Lasers Holmium Lasers
LG-001s Laser Safety Eyewear LG-002s Laser Glasses Modern LG-005N LG-080 IR Laesr safety Glasses

190-532nm & 1064nm

785nm - 11,000nm

532nm - 760nm

1000nm - 10,000nm  
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Active IPL Glasses IPL Safety Glasses Cosmetic Lasers Patient Laser & IPL protection
IPL Lightspeed Glasses IPL-016s IPL Glasses Brown lens Modern LG-016s 810nm Laser Safety Eyewear IS-015 Metal laser Eye Shields
Lightspeed II IPL Glasses Operator & Client Glasses All Laser Types For all Laser & IPL Types  
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Telecom/Fiber Lasers Red, Ruby & Dye Lasers CO2 Lasers IPL & Laser Disposables
LG-008s Telecom Laser safety Eyewear LG-007 Red and Green Laser Safety Glasses LG-009N CO2 Modern Laser Safety Glasses IPL-Aid
820-1700nm 585-760nm 9,000nm - 11,0000nm For all Laser & IPL Types  
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Welcome to DiOptika, your complete stop for Laser & IPL Safety Glasses & Optical Laser Equipment

Browse our extensive range of stock laser safety glasses and IPL safety eyewear. Our range of laser and IPL safety eyewear consists of more than 100 different types. Should you not be able to find the laser safety eyewear you are looking for, contact one of our expert staff and they will be happy to assist you with your needs. With offices in both Australia and the US we are positioned to ship promptly to anywhere in the world.

At DiOptika we have over 15 years of experience in the field of laser safety and laser optics and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service far beyond your point of purchase. DiOptika is also a NATO approved supplier of laser safety eyewear.

We provide 7 days a week e-mail support for any of your questions.

Email us at info@dioptika.com to make sure you get the most appropriate laser safety eyewear, IPL glasses or laser beam expander for your needs. Contact us today!

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