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IPL Lightspeed 2 Shutter Glasses  
The IPL Lightspeed Glasses 2 are the next generation of active IPL Eyewear superseeding the orginal Lightspeed IPL glasses.  The IPL Lightspeed 2 glasses have a 37% increased viewing area and are 27% Lighter than the original version.  Lightspeed glasses provide unrivalled operator visibility while providing excellent protection by darkening in less than a millisecond in response to the IPL flash.
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Lightspeed II Glendale

IPL Lightspeed Glasses

Lightspeed IPL Front View


190 - 1200nm
  • Sperian IPL Eyewear -Active - Lightspeed II
  • Protects eye by darkering in response to IPL flash
  • Allows excellent visibility to see pigmented & vasuluar lesions
  • Minimises headache & other adverse effects
  • Increased viewing area(37%) & lighter(27%) compared to earlier Lightspeed
  • CE Marked, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards
  • 12 month warranty
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